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Same universe, different alternative.

Your favourite story on going in an alternativ e universe. new questions, seeking for answers. relive your favourite books but in another timeline. Every ending has a new beginning.


Forget me too

When the love of your life gets lost, your memory is slowly abandoning you. Life seems unfair, especially when you cannot figure out why. Was it all just a fantasy or did high school mess it all up?


Are you enough?

After conquering too many challenges in their second to last year, Draco and Rose are finally on their way to becoming the couple they had always inspired to be, unbothered. But was it all that easy?


Mr. Arrogant

Clary knew Alec and Izzy had a brother, an adopted brother but she had never met him. All Clary knew about him was that he lived with Robert, the father of Alec and Izzy, in the Los Angeles Institute. From time to time Robert would come see his children and wife in the New York Institute but the secretive brother never came along. 



(n.) The journey of changing one's mind, heart, self or way of life.


Lucid Dreams

There is no such thing or a person that could fill up the void when everything goes wrong. Sometimes, everything is destined to be destroyed. But sometimes, the definition of everything is a single life. 

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