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What an honour to present you my own website! After two years of writing, I have build my own platform. From this website on, I will be uploading and editing my stories.

You can make your own profile to post messages as well, you can subscribe to get notified when something new comes online. But! You can also earn badges from multiple achievements.

Have Fun!

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Both Metanoia and Forget Me Too have been edited and been uploaded to the site! which story is better?👀

What exciting it is to see that you guys like my work! I cannot thank you guys enough for supporting me! To keep things excited, I am editing my writing style, switching the storylines up a bit so you

Some bug fixes will be restored today! The ongoing dtories like FMT and Metanoia will be uploaded later today! Have you subscribed yet to get notified? we are halfway through the amount of subscribers

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