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High School Dream.

Moving to another city was always strange. Clary did not know how to feel about it as she was unboxing her stuff. She had just moved to Brooklyn with her best friend Simon. It was their dream to move to Brooklyn ever since they were little kids. Simon was very excited about it, but Clary felt anxious to move to a city where she knew no one, or go to a new school where she was the new kid. "Clary, we need to attend school in an hour!" Simon yelled from the living room that was downstairs. Clary could not figure out why Simon wanted to attend school the first day they just moved there. He was always that kind of a control freak, who wanted everything to go perfect and as he wanted. Sometimes it was annoying, but sometimes it helped as well. Like the groceries for example, he wrote down on a note what they needed for a whole week. Or the bills, he calculated how much money they needed to pay the bills and how much they would spare. Simon was Clary's best friend and he may have his flaws but she could never ask for someone better. When Clary unboxed her last box, she saw they still had half an hour left before they needed to attend their first class. She let herself fall down on her bed as she was exhausted from all the moving. "Clary! Come on, we do not want to be late!" Simon said as he walked into Clary's room. It startled her a bit but she groaned as a response to him. She did not hear him coming her way.

"I know, Simon. Give me a break!"Clary breathed out as she ran a hand through her hair. Before Clary could figure out what was going on, she felt Simon's hands wrapped around her waist and in a split second she laid across his shoulder. Simon smoothly grabbed their bags as he walked out of the apartment with Clary still hanging over his shoulder. As they stood on the sidewak, he put her back on her feet as he unlocked his car. "How dare you."Clary said in disbelief as she walked over to the passenger's side.

"You know you can never stay mad at me, Fray."Simon said as Clary tried to hold back her smile.Simon was right, no matter what he did, Clary could never stay mad at him. That was how strong their friendship was. "See!" Simon said proudly as he saw Clary could not resist to smile anymore. Ï told you."Simon said proudly again as he sat down in the car. As Clary did the same, Simon started the car and he slowly started driving to the school. Brooklyn High... Clary was staring out of the window the whole ride until she noticed they were driving up the parking lot of the school. I was a beautiful, sun shining day in the mid of August. Multiple students were enjoying the sun as they were quickly eating they breakfast on the field of grass. It seemed like an ordinary school, something that fit Simon. Simon had been attending this school for a couple of months now, despite Clary. Simon went to Clary's previous school as well, but he switched schools the moment he got bullied. At first, Simon did not want to leave bcause of Clary but Clary almost forced him to. She thought it was cute of him but she did not want him to lose himself. "Ready?" Simon asked and it pulled Clary out of her thoughts and back to reality. Clary gave him a small smile as she nodded her head and stepped out of the car. They slowly walked over to the entrance of the school while Simon greeted some of his friends. "Can you take it from here? My first class is starting." Simon asked and Clary hesitantly nodded at him. He was leaving her alone in this new place for her. She had to do it on her own from that moment on. As Simon disappeared in the distance, Clary walked over to the service desk with the courage dropping below her feet.

"H-Hi, I am Clary Fray. I am new here." She barely said above a whisper to the woman behind the desk. The woman looked up to her, with her glasses hanging on the tip of her nose. She had fine lines near her eyes and mouth, making her look middle aged. A small smile formed on the face of the woman and she immediately seemed less strict. 

"Here you have your schedule, darling. I will call over another student to show you around." The woman said as she laid some papers on the desk in front of Clary. The woman immediately grabbed the phone as she turned her back towards Clary. Clary looked around in impatience as she tiptoed around. "Isabelle will be here in a few moments, I am sure you will find her lovely." The woman said as she turned back to Clary and put down her phone. Clary smiled thankfully at her as she walked back to the hallway. Who was this Isabelle girl? Many students were passing Clary, trying to get to their class in time. A soft tanned girl with black hair made her way towards Clary. She had stunning high heels and an outfit you could kill for. She looked like one of those typical popular girls. 

"Hey! I am Izzy!" The girl said in excitement when she reached Clary. The girl named Izzy grabbed Clary for a hug. Clary was startled as she did not know what to do. Izzy acted like the two of them knew each other already. "I will show you around." Izzy said when she pulled away from the hug. Izzy smiled brightly as she turned around and started walking. Her black hair danced around her waist with each step she took. 

"Thank you," Clary said when she took quick steps to catch up with Izzy. "I am sorry to bother you." Clary said as the two of them walked down the hallway. Clary noticed how the guys stopped and stared at Izzy when they walked by.

"Are you kidding?" Izzy asked in disbelief as she stopped walking at the end of the hallway. "I get to skip class to show you around." Izzy said full of laughter. Clary felt her cheeks turn red as she looked away from Izzy. "Behind these door is the cafetaria but I will show you our gymnastics field first." Izzy said as they took one of the sidedoors to get outside. Clary was almost immediately mesmerized by the view she got. The grass was perfectly green and the leafs of the trees seemed to be dancing in the wind. "Most of the time, we eat our lunch here." Izzy said as she put on her sunglasses. Clary barely heard her as she thought of how many paintings she could make of this view. 

"Izzy!" Someone screamed and a boy with the same black hair as Izzy ran upto them. "I forgot my lunch at home, do you got some spare money for me?" The boy asked as he only had eyes for Izzy. Clary noticed the resemblance between Izzy and the boy, he seemed like the male version of Izzy. 

"Of course, Alec," Izzy said as she looked in her purse. When she found some money, she handed it over to him and focused on Clary again. "This is Clary, she is new here." Izzy introduced her. Alec looked towards Clary. 

"Hey little girl, I am Alec." The boy named Alec said and Clary gave him a small but shy smile. Alec took one last glance at Izzy as he walked away again. Only then, Clary noticed there was another boy walking with Alec. Her eyes followed him as she immediately got intrigued. He had this perfect, golden hair with the most decent skin. He seemed to be sparkling in the sun. The mysterious boy turned his head to look back at her and Izzy and that was when their eyes met. His eyes had the same colour as his hair. He seemed so unique yet breathtaking. 

"That is Jace, my adoptive brother and Alec is my biological brother," Izzy said when she noticed that Clary was staring. Clary immediately looked away when she felt busted, her cheeks turning red again. "Don't worry, you're not the first girl who can't take her eyes off of Jace." Izzy said with a giggle. "He has this effect on girls..."She breathed out but this time with annoyance in her voice. 

"I never said I was attracted to him!" Clary said like she felt attacked. 

"IT's ok to feel attracted to him, Clary. Just don't get your hopes up when it comes to love with Jace. He never gets attached to enyone, he rather hooks up instead." Izzy said as she looked around. It was quite noticeable that she did not like to talk about Jace, like he was a problem. Izzy breathed in quickly as she looked at Clary. "Come on, you have a lot more to see." Izzy said as she dragged Clary across the school. Clary's first day already felt like a disaster. 

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