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Lost Lovers

Tonight was the night that was filled with lots of potions, alcohol and fair dust. Magnus Bane threw one of his famous parties again. Everyone would be there, not wanting to miss a thing. But not everyone was excited to go, for example, Clarissa Fairchild. Two years ago she left her friends behind for the enemy. Why? That was still a riddle to some. One minute, she was fine and the next, she left in the middle of the night without saying goodbye to her boyfriend and friends. "What are you wearing tonight?" Jonathan asked when he walked into Clarissa's room. She turned around to face him as she smiled softly. 

"I think a usual black dress," Clarissa said as she looked at her brother. "I see you are using Sebastian Verlac's body for tonight." Clarssa said as she looked at him from head to toe. Jonathan used to be an enemy, until Clarissa got to know him. She saw his soft side, the one where he was actually a decent person. 

"Yeah," Jonathan said as he sat down on his sister's bed. "I cannot risk being recognized until we are back here in Paris." Jonathan said as he watched Clarissa. She walked towards her closet as she hummed. She grabbed the black dress she meant before and laid it down on her bed. "Good choice, I bet people will stare at you tonight." Jonathan said as he admired the dress. 

"Even if I wore my normal outfit that consists of jeans and a shirt, people would still stare at me," Clarissa said as she walked over to her mirror. "The girl who betrayed them all." Clarissa mumbled to herself as she fixed her makeup. 

"You will be fine," Jonathan said as he got up from the bed and walked towards Clarissa. "Get dressed, I will get the portal ready." Jonathan said before he walked out of his sister's room. Clarissa sighed softly as she did what Jonathan said. The sooner they got to the party, the sooner they were able to leave. 

"Let's go." Clarissa said when she walked towards her brother in the Institute. Jonathan already had the portal ready as he turned to face her. He smiled brightly before he grabbed her hand and they both walked into the portal. Using a portal always left a strange feeling in Clarissa's stomach. It felt like it turned her organs around and smashed her head. But it did not take long, within a few seconds they were standing in the famous loft of Magnus Bane. The loud noises of the music, people talking and the laughter overwhelmed Clary for a bit. It did not take long before people noticed them and they all became quiet. They still recognized her. Clarissa held he head up as she walked towards the juice bar and ignored all the people staring at her. 

"What are you doing here?" Clarissa heard someone say behind her. She still recognized the voice through the whispering noises and loud music. She inhaled deeply before she turned around and saw Jace standing in front of her. "I thought you moved to Paris and had a sudden memory loss." Jace said remarkable. He was making fun of her, trying to make her feel bad. 

"Don't bother, I bet you are glad it's none of your business anymore." Clarissa shot at him as she turned back around towards the drinks. Her eyes fell on a blue substance. She smiled brightly as she grabbed a glass, filled with the same blue substance. 

"Once a runner, always a runner." Jace said before he walked away from her. Clarissa sighed to herself as she did not find this party any fun. She looked at her phone and saw only ten minutes had passed, it was going to be a long night. 

"I wanna leave." Clarissa said when she noticed Jonathan beside her. Jonathan sighed softly as he grabbed a drink as well.

"Just one hour, hang in there." Jonathan said as he looked at the crowd. The real reason Clarissa and Jonathan went was to find information. All they had to do was memorize who attended the party and tell it to their father, Valentine. 

"I will be on the balcony if you need me." Clarissa said in an unamused tone as she walked off. She could not leave yet but she could stay out of sight. 

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