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Lost & Found

"You are going to be late for work!" Quinn yelled from across the room. Delilah groaned loudly when she got out of bed. She knew that Quinn would jump on her bed if she did not got out herself. 

"I am awake!" Delilah yelled back as she made her way towards the kitchen to brew some coffee. Quinn smiled brightly when she saw Delilah being grumpy as she was in the morning. Delilah was never a morning person, but she worked for her best friend's uncle so she had to push herself aside. 

"Are you excited for your first day at work since your break?" Quinn asked when she walked over to Delilah. She sat down at the kitchen counter as she watched Delilah. Quinn was her best friend but also  like a sister to Delilah. Quinn had been by her side through thick and thin for the past few years... Delilah softly shrugged her shoulders while she yawned. It was still too early for Delilah, but when was it not? When she graduated from school, the uncle of Quinn offered her this job and she took it almost instantly. Delilah was the assistant of Kyle Taylor at Taylor Enterprises. One of the largest companies in New York. But no matter how good Delilah's life was, she never felt the same after her two best friends left her...

"Get out of my apartment, I need to get ready," Delilah grumped as she took a sip from her coffee. Quin smirked at her as she signed to the corner of the kitchen counter. As Delilah followed her eys, she saw Quinn made some sandwiches for her.  "Did you really prepare some food for me?" Delilah asked in confusion as this was not typical for Quinn.

"I figured you were hungry but too lazy to prepare it yourself." Quinn said. Delilah smiled softly and for a minute her grumpiness seemed to disappear as she hugged Quinn tightly. 

"You are the best." Delilah murmured in her ear softly. Delilah let go of the hug as she looked at Quinn with great adorance. 

"I know!" Quinn said a bit too excited as she walked towards the front door. "Text me when you are ready, I will give you a ride." Quinn said before she disappeared out of the apartment. Delilah smiled brightly to herself as she walked over to the plate with the sandwiches. Quinn was like a real life guardian angel. As Delilah was messing around on her phone, she saw a picture of someone she never thought she would see again. Ethan Dolan... It had been a couple of years since Ethan ditched Delilah, just like his brother Grayson. As Delilah kept looking at the image, she saw how happy Ethan was with his new life. Delilah groaned loudly as she put her phone down on the kitchen counter. It was time to get ready instead of reliving the past. Delilah had come so far already, her past did not need to break that down.

"Are you ready yet?" Quinn asked when she entered the apartment again. An hour had gone by since Quinn had left and Delilah walked out of the bathroom. She just put her earrings in as she was ready to go.

"Do I look good?" Delilah asked, ignoring Quinn's question. Delilah was nervous for her first day at work again since a while. It had been weeks. Quinn silently gasped for air when she looked at Delilah. She was wearing a tight, casual skirt with a white blouse. Her hair was curled in a flirty way and it made her look like a full grown woman. 

"You look breathtaking!" Quinn said in excitement. Delilah chuckled as she looked at her best friend. Quinn always hyped her up.

"Alright, let's go." Delilah said as she grabbed her purse. It was seven thirty in the morning, a good time to head to work. Quinn and Delilah walked out of the apartment and made their way to the parking lot. 

"Are you ok? You seem fed up." Quinn said when they sat down in Quinn's car. Delilah did seem off, she was not paying attention to her surroundings and there was this frown on her head that she only had when she was thinking. 

"Yeah..." Delilah said as she was still in her thoughts. "I saw Ethan on my Instagram feed." Delilah explained. Before she knew, Quinn hit her break before they even hit the road. "Quinn!" Delilah shot as she readjusted herself. Quinn seemed to be thinking as well.

"Sorry," Quinn said as she started driving again. "Have you spoken to him lately?" Quinn asked as her eyes were focused on the road. 

"No..." Delilah said softly as her face dropped. She still remembered the day Ethan and Grayson left her. It was a typical summer day in New Jersey, the sun shined brightly and she remembered how much ice cream she had bought that day with Grayson. It was a normal day, until...

"Here we are." Quinn said as she parked her car in front of the business building. Delilah grabbed her purse and smiled thankfully at Quinn as she said her goodbyes. "Call me when you need me, I will stop by for lunch later." Quinn said before she drove off. Delilah sighed to herself as she made her way through the building and up to her floor. Delilah shared the fifteenth floor with Kyle Taylor, the CEO. When Delilah reached the floor, she put her purse on her desk as she walked over to the coffee machine. She brew a coffee for herself and for Kyle, with his typical brown sugar. 

"Good morning, miss Scott." Kyle said as he walked out of his office. He must have heard Delilah walking in earlier. 

"Morning, Kyle." Delilah said as she handed him his cup of coffee. Kyle smiled thankfully as he leaned against Delilah's desk. 

"I forwarded some emails that you need to answer for me, I trust your expertise so do whatever makes you feel that's right." Kyle said. Delilah smiled brightly as this was why she loved her job. Kyle let Delilah do her thing insead of telling her what to do. Delilah settled down behind her desk as Kyle made his way to his office again. öh, and Delilah?" Kyle asked as he looked back at her. Delilah hummed softly as she looked at him. "You look nice today, it is good to have you back." Kyle said before he walked into his office and closed the door. Delilah smiled brightly as she felt her cheeks flush. Compliments were rare for her. Time passed by as Delilah did her job, reading the emails, responding to them and answered some of the calls that came in. She did not even noticed what the time was until she heard her phone buzz. She thought it was Quinn, telling her that she was here to grab some lunch with her but when she grabbed her phone, she saw it was an unkown number. 

"Delilah, dear... I hope you still have the same number as before. If this reaches you, I am sorry to tell you that Sean has passed away... He had been suffering from cancer and he wrote down a list of people he wanted at his funeral, you are one of them. If you want to come, please send me your address so I can book a flight ticket for you to Los Angeles. I miss you, lost of love, Lisa Dolan."

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