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He is the one

Katherine was walking through set as she was searching for some food. She left her bag somewhere, not remembering where. The scenes she had to attend and act on were done for the day and she was dying to get some food. When she entered the cafetaria, she saw Dominic at a table with her bag. She sat down beside him as she smiled. "Hey,"Katherine said when she searched her bag for food. Dominic glanced over to her but he did not say a word. "What is wrong?" Katherine asked before she took a bite from her food. Dominic's eyebrows raised almost immediately when Katherine talked to him. 

"It is passed midnight and we are still working, I am tired."Dominic groaned. Katherine laughed at him as she shook her head. Dominic was the type of guy who was really attached to his bed and food. But in spite of that, he was also really determined to work. 

"Just a few more takes and then we will be able to go back to our house."Katherine said in between the bites she took from her food. The whole cast shared a house that was payed by the managements. It was easier then renting hotel rooms. The house was just a few minutes away from set so it was managable as well. Living together made the cast close to each other as well. They never left before one another and they always discussed everything with each other. They were like a big happy family. "Do you want some?" Katherine asked to Dominic as she shove her food towards him. He looked from his phone towards the food and a smirk grew on his face. He did no hesitate any longer as he grabbed the food. Katherine smiled brightly as she grabbed her phone. Dominic always lit up when he had the change to eat something or take a nap in between takes. It was a side of him that Katherine adored. When he ate or took a nap, he seemed to be all charged up again and he was the sunshine on set. All of a sudden, Katherine and Dominic heard a phone rang but Katherine knew it wasn't her phone since she still held it. Dominic frowned as he grabbed his phone and stood up from the chair. He gave Katherine a thankful smile for the food before he walked out of the cafetaria to accept the call. Katherine frowned softly as she watched him walk away. Dominic had never left the room to accept a call, what could be so important that she did not need to know? Katherine thought of Sarah, Dominic's girlfriend. She did not quite like her, since she knew that Sarah was taking advantage of Dominic. She could never fulfill Dominic's needs but always demanded him to fulfill hers. Katherine had noticed a couple of times that there was no spark between Dominic and Sarah. Katherine's eyebrows raised when she heard Dominic screaming from the hallway. There was a tone of anger and dispare written in his voice. It was until Katherine heard some loud noises that she stood up and almsot ran towards Dominic. She knew something was wrong and that Dominic needed her help. When she looked around the hallway, she saw Dominic on his knees on the floor. Her eyes widened when she saw him like that. She walked up to him and that's when she noticed his bloody hand and his broken phone. He tried to hide his face with his hands but Katherine softly pulled his hands down. "What's going on?"Katherine softly asked when she softly held his hands. She saw the redness around Dominic's eyes and the tears on his cheeks. 

"S-She broke up with me." Dominic said in between his sobs. His voice was cracking and Katherine knew it was because he tried not to cry. Katherine's jaw dropped as she had never seen Dominic like this before. But that was not the only thing that left her in shock. The fact that Sarah had the audacity to Break up with Dominic over the phone was something that broke Katherine's heart as well. Katherine looked around as she tried to figure out what happened. Dominic must have thrown his phone against the wall in dispare. He maybe punched the wall too. Katherine knew this was a way for men to deal with their emotions. Women take a break, cry their eyes out and drinka coffee but men take it out physicaly. Dominic on the other hand, he dealt with his emotions a bit like women too. Dominic was the first man KAtherine ever saw crying. He actually did love Sarah but he deserved better then her. He always showed up with flowers when he met up with her. He held the door for her, did everything for her. He was a real gentleman, something that was rare these days. "I-is it me? Did I do something wrong?"Dominic asked in pain. 

"No, no, no!"Katherine said immediately. "You did everything right!" Katherine said as she wiped his tears off his cheek. she softly pulled him into a hug, not mindin the blood and tears. She felt him burying his face in her neck and it made her smile softly. "It will be ok, I promise..."Katherine said softly as she rubbed his back. She felt his breaths turn regular and his sobs become more silent. Dominic desrved way better. 

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