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Forget me too

Sequel to High School Dream

Clary woke up from her alarm clock at five in the morning. She softly groaned as she got out of bed, it was time for her to get ready and read the manuscripts from work. She loved her job, she just hated the part where she had to get up that early. She walked out of her room and made her way towards the living room. She immediately lightened up when she saw the view of the city. The sun was slowly rising which left an orange glow on the buildings. She never got used to it, there were so many beautiful parts about New York. Clary walked over to her open kitchen to brew some coffee. As she looked around her apartment during the time she had to wait for her coffee, she realized how lucky she was. It was her apartment with an amazing view and a great space. She had multiple bedrooms, two bathrooms and a walk-in closet. Her rent was very cheap for such a space and view. But no matter how amazing her life was, Jace was still a part of it. Everywhere she looked, she was reminded of him. It had been months since Clary got back to the present, only to find out she was already graduated and that her best friends and boyfriend were gone. Clary sighed deeply as she grabbed her coffee. She walked over to her windows as she watched the city waking up. "Here is your mail." Simon said as he walked into Clary's apartment. 

"Thank you." Clary said as she grabbed the mail out of his hands. After all this time, Simon and Clary were still inseparable. They went through a lot in high school, but nothing could keep them apart. Simon was also Clary's anchor, keeping her head up. He had experienced everything that Clary went through. There were moments when Clary thought that everything was some sort of dream but then Simon shook her silly thoughts away and kept her sane. She did not know what was worse, thinking you were going insane or being left behind out of nowhere. 

"So," Simon said as he brew some coffee for himself as well. "Do you need a ride?" He asked when he came to stand beside Clary. Clary slowly looked at him as she shook her head softly. 

"I have my own car now, remember?" She asked him with a sassy undertone. The two of them chuckled before they looked at the view of the city again. 

"I will see you in the office then." Simon said before he left Clary's apartment. 

"You still have my cup, bastard!" Clary still tried to yell after him but he was already gone. She shook her head as she softly laughed at herself. The things Simon could get away with. Clary was still looking at the view from her window. The orange flow on the skyline grew brighter by the minute. It calmed her down. This was her newnormal, waking up at five in the morning, getting ready for work and live her life as a mundane. But she did miss being an angel, it had so many perks. "Ok, Fairchild," She softly whispered to herself. "Time to get ready." She said as she walked towards her kitchen and put the empty cup in the dishwasher. She slowly walked off to her bathroom and did her usual routine. Showering, brushing her hair, do her makeup and get dressed. After half an hour or so, she got into the elevator to the parking lot. A second after she got into her car, she heard her phone ring. "Fairchild." She said when she accepted her call. 

"It's Dean," Clary heard and she smiled softly. Dean was her boss and she was hiss accountant but also his assistant. "I was wondering if you could bring some coffee on your way over here?" Dean asked and Clary immediately looked at the time. It was five minutes before six, exactly three fives in a row... 

"Not a problem! Did you had anything in mind?" Clary asked as her eyes were focused on the road. Dean was a year older then her and he was the son of the CEO. Dean got her and Simon a job at his father's company. He may be her boss but they never acted like and employee and a boss. 

"I wil have whatever you are having." Dean said as Clary just parked her car at a local coffee company. 

"Alright, I will be there in ten." Clary said as she ended the call. She sighed softly as she grabbed her phone to check her emails first. She never deleted old emails, they just stayed in her inbox. maybe that was why she had five hunder and fifty five emails. The same numbers kept appearing. Clary shook her head as she put her phone away and got out of the car. She ordered two iced cappuccino's with a few pumps of caramel in them. When she got them, she looked around and decided to keep her car parked where it stood since her office building was on the other side of the road. She made her way towards the building and a couple of minutes later, she arrived at her work floor. 

"Good morning, Ms. Fairchild." Dean said jokingly when he saw her entering the floor. Clary smiled brightly at him as she put her purse on the desk and gave him his coffee. "I already printed the new manuscripts, do you got the other for me?" Dean asked as he sat down at his desk. His desk was aligned to Clary's. Clary grabbed the manuscripts from her purse and gave it to him. 

"The most interesting is on top," Clary said as she gave the pile to Dean. "And these are way too expensive for their work and talent." She finished as she gave another pile to Dean. He looked at her like she was water that caught on fire. 

"You," He said as he paused. "Already deserve a raise." He finished as he looked at the piles. Clary smiled brightly as she sat down at her desk too. "I will continue these, will you do the new manuscripts?" Dean said as he worked his way through the piles. Clary nodded at him and softly hummed as she was already working on the new manuscripts. "Also, the manuscripts you have are due by tonight." Dean said and Clary immediately choked on her coffee.

"But that is impossible!" Clary said in disbelief. She had at least a dozen manuscripts in front of her, there was no way she would be able to read them all and review them in less then fourteen hours. 

"I have a person who is very interested, but we will figure it out." Dean said as he already processed half the manuscripts that Clary had given to him. 

"We?" Clary asked and she looked up form her manuscripts to Dean.

"Yes, love," Dean said as he looked at Clary as well. "You didn't think I would let you do it all by yourself, right?" Dean asked as he smiled softly at her. "I may feel like a boss to you, but a leader will work as hard as his employees." Dean said and it was the wisest thing that Clary had heard today. 

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