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Am I enough?

The first day of the first semester had come. Rose could not care less about school ever since her mother died the previous year. She never knew her dad so when the holiday's came around, she spent ehr time with ehr aunt Liv. Rose made her way towards the Hogwarts Express on her own, with her trolley full of suitcases. Her most prescious belonging was her owl, Kati. Her owl whistled out of frustration because of the big group of wizards and witches. "I know, Kati. We will be at Hogwarts before you know." Rose said to her owl. Kati was a beautiful, white owl. Before Rose's first year at Hogwarts, she had to go shopping for all her school supplies. She remembered when her mom and Rose were mesmerized by Kati's appereance. Rose always wanted an owl so desperately, six years later and Kati was still her baby. Kati had always remained the loyal pet she was at the beginning. She never left Rose's side and always protected her. Rose entered the Hogwarts Express at the Gryffindor compartment. She had been a proud Gryffindor for six years now. Rose was looking for an empty spot when she found Ginny with Hermione holding a room free. "Hey girls! Where are Harry and Ron?" Rose asked when she put Kati on the table. She sat down beside Hermione and breathed in deeply. 

"I think they will be here any minute if Ron is able to say goodbye like a man." Ginny responded. Rose laughed at Ginny's response as she shook her head in disbelief. 

"How was your holiday, Rose?" Hermione asked. 

"I have been drawing a lot, visited my mother's grave as well..." Rose responded as her face dropped. Talking about her mother was still difficult to her. IT had been months since her mother passed but it still felt recent to her. Ginny and Hermione must have seen her ache as they grabbed her hands. 

"I bet she would be proud of you, Rose," Ginny said. "She is an angel from above, watching you." Ginny softly said to comfort Rose. Rose slowly looked up and gave her a thankful smile. Rose felt a sense of relief when Harry and Ron entered the room. The sphere of peace immediately drifted away when Hermione opened up her mouth. 


"Where were you both?!" Hermione shot at Harry and Ron. Ron immediately looked ashamed but Harry just smirked. 

"Ron couldn't say goodbye to his parents." Harry said as Ginny rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. 

"Always the same old riddle when we go back to school." Ginny said annoyed to herself. 

"I think he should never stop spending every minute with his parents..." Rose said when she stared out of the window. She could still see Ron and Ginny's parents. Rose could feel the eyes of everyone burning on her skin. 

"There is nothing wrong with spending as much time with your parents as much as you can." Hermione said to built up Rose's voice. Rose slowly nodded as she agreed to Hermione. Ginny sighed softly as she knew they were right. 

"That is true..." Ginny gave in. Right after she spoke, the whistle of the Hogwarts Express was loud and clear to be heard. They were about to head to Hogwarts where another journey was awaiting them. "We should find Rose a boyfriend, she is kind of the fifth wheel now." Ginny suddenly said like Rose wasn't among them. Rose felt her cheeks burn as she turned her head towards her friends.

"I do not need a boyfriend, you guys are already a lot to handle." Rose said and she saw how each one of her friends acted offended. She laughed it off as she shook her head, idiots. 

"It might be a good idea, since I have never seen you with a guy before." Ron said and Rose immediately shot him a dead glance. If eyes could kill, Ron would have been dead by now. "I did not mean that you are ugly or anything! Just I-..." Ron must have gotten nervous since he was taking nonsense. "Oh, screw it." Ron gave up.They all aughed at his stupidity.

"What are you laughing at?" A nasty voice said and silence entered the room. As Rose looked up, she saw the most annoying face she could ever think of: Draco Malfoy. 

"What are you doing here, Draco? This is the Gryffindor compartment." Harry shot at Draco. Draco laughed at Harry and Rose could feel herself becoming sick of him. She always felt some kind of hatred towards Slytherins. 

"Just leave, please." Rose asked politely. No matter how much hate she had towards a person, she always remained polite and humble. That was Rose. 

"What cute, defending your friend? Isn't that the job of his girlfriend?" Draco asked as he spotly looked at Ginny. "Or are you his new girlfriend? Switched girls, Potter?" Draco asked and Rose felt herself becoming more angry by the minute. 

"Could you just leave before I change you in some sort of disgusted mouse that you are?" Rose threathend him as she felt that she was losing control. Draco smirked at her as he single nodded.

"As you wish, dearest Rose." Draco said before he took off with his friends. 

"Ok," Ginny breathed out when Draco was out of sight. "What just happened?" She asked in disbelief. 

"He left after I had threathend him?" Rose asked and she was almost doubting herself. 

"But Draco never listens to anyone but his father!" Ginny said as she still could not believe what just happened. Rose frowned softly as she thought to ehrself what indeed had happened. She even looked out of the room to see if Draco was still in sight. 

"Rose, what is going on?" Harry asked towards Rose. It made Rose get back to her seat as she looked at Harry.

"Nothing, I don't know either." Rose said as she tried to cut this conversation off before it could turn into a discussion. There were multiple things Rose would never start a conversation about and Draco was one of them. From that moment on until they arrived at Hogwarts, they all remained silent. It took two hours before they arrived and the time went by slowly. When Rose walked out of the Hogwarts Express, all she felt was happiness. The usual carriages that drove them to Hogwarts for the last miles came one after the other. As Rose saw a free carriage, she immediately got in and waited for her friends. But instead of her friends, Draco got in. 


"You can the next one, Potter. Dear Rose and I need to have a little chat." Draco said when Harry wanted to teach him a lesson. When the carriage drove off, Rose tried not to give any attention to Draco. "How was your holiday, Rose?" Draco asked and Rose immediately looked at him.


"That is actually none of your business, Malfoy." Rose responded in a sassy way towards him. Draco laughed softly as he gently grabbed his wand. Rose immediately caught an eye out. 


"No need to be scared, I am just making some light here." Draco said before he casted the Lucio spell.  Rose was so distracted by Draco that she forgot it was already past midnight. As Rose looked at Draco, the light defined his grey eyes and white hair. She silently gasped for air when she realized that Kati looked exactly like Draco. "So, are you going to tell me how your holiday was or are we just going to sit here in silence?" Draco said as he probably did not hear her gasp for air. 

"Fine," Rose said as she rolled her eyes at him. "I drew a lot and I visited my mother's grave. Are you happy now?" Rose asked irritated.

"I am sorry about your mother, I did not know she had died." Draco said and Rose could see his face dropped. Was he sincere? 

"Don't bother with this act of yours. I know the real Draco is only nice to himself because he thinks he is way better then the rest of us." Rose said as she realized they had arrived at the vence of Hogwarts. Before she could walk off, Draco grabbed her arm and stopped her. 

"I do care about people, Rose. I am human too." Draco said as he gently let go of her arm and walked away.

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